Stephen King Books and Movies

Stephen King (born September 21, 1947) is an actor, director, producer and screenwriter, but most of all he is a highly prolific writer and the winner of multiple awards including the prestigious Bram Stoker Award.

His first book "Carrie" King published at age 27. Stephen King wrote over one hundred and seventeen novels and hundreds of short stories. The most republished book is "Different Seasons".

Stephen King books granted a life for four hundred and eleven movies, mini-series, and television specials. The novel "The Dead Zone" is the most attractive for film producers.

Our extensive list of Stephen King books is cross-indexed with all the related movies based on his stories.

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Showing 25 latest books by Stephen King. Show all books

End of Watch (2016)

Finders Keepers (2015)

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams (2015) Short stories collection

Mr. Mercedes (2014)

Revival (2014)

Doctor Sleep (2013)

Joyland (2013)

  • Joyland
    2015; USA
    Director: Tate Taylor
GUNS (2013)

11/22/63 (2011)

  • 11.22.63
    TV Series (7 episodes); 2016; USA
Mile 81 (2011)

Full Dark, No Stars (2010) Short stories collection

  • Big Driver
    TV Movie; 2014; USA
    Director: Mikael Salomon
  • Big Driver
    2014; USA
    Director: Kyle Burnett
  • A Good Marriage
    2014; USA
    Director: Peter Askin
Tommy (2010)

  • Under the Dome
    TV Series (39 episodes); 2013; USA
UR (2009)

Throttle (2009)

The Bone Church (2009)

Duma Key (2008)

Just After Sunset (2008) Short stories collection

Twenty-three movies are based on this book.

  • Ayana
    TV Movie; 2015; USA
  • Rest Stop
    2015; USA
    Director: Patrick Abernethy
  • Willa
    2015; Germany
    Director: Helena Hufnagel
  • Harvey's Dream
    2015; Australia
    Director: Alexander von Hofmann
  • Mute
    2015; USA
    Director: Daryle Moore
  • The Gingerbread Girl
    2014; USA
    Director: Craig R. Baxley
  • Cain
    2014; Bulgaria
    Director: Lyubo Yonchev
  • Ayana
    2013; USA
    Director: Fabricio Cerioni, Calvin Jung
  • Willa
    2012; USA
    Director: Christopher Birk
  • Willa: A Dollar Baby Film, Based on a Story by Stephen King
    2012; USA
    Director: Mikhail Tank
  • Mute
    2012; Hungary
    Director: Zsolt Gyöngyösi
  • Mute
    2012; UK
    Director: Jacqueline Wright
  • A Very Tight Place
    2012; USA
    Director: Derek Simon
  • Bike
    2012; UK
    Director: David Toms
  • The Things They Left Behind
    2011; USA
    Director: Pablo Macho Maysonet IV
  • Tussenstop
    2011; Belgium, Netherlands
    Director: Jan van Gorkum
  • Mute
    2011; USA
    Director: Javier Melendez
  • Harvey's Dream
    Video; 2011; Canada
    Director: Hakan Gunnarson
  • Mute
    2011; USA
    Director: D.J. Hartman
  • Hard Ride
    2010; Canada
    Director: Paul J. Gitschner
  • El sueño de Harvey
    2007; Argentina
    Director: Rodolfo Weisskirch
  • Paul's Dream
    2007; Australia
    Director: Ben Lawrence
  • Tales from the Darkside: The Movie
    1990; USA
    Director: John Harrison
Blaze (2007)

Showing 25 latest books by Stephen King. Show all books

Other interesting stuff
List of movies adapted from King's literary works is tremendous. Majority of King's novels have screen versions. It is not surprising, because he works in the film industry as producer, film director, and screenwriter. Sometimes Stephen King himself plays episodic roles in the movies based on his books.

Some stats: Forty-nine of Stephen King books (42% out of total 117) have been adapted to 158 movies, 11 TV movies, 11 videos, 228 episodes from 8 TV series

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