Nicholas Sparks Books and Movies

Nicholas Sparks (born December 31, 1965) is an American screenwriter and author of nineteen books. He started his writing career with the successful novel "The Notebook" at age 31. Interestingly, Sparks' first two novels were never published. The most reprinted novel written by Nicholas Sparks is "The Notebook".

Eleven of his novels have been adapted to movies. "Message in Bottle" was the first Sparks' romantic story to be made into a movie in 1999.

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See Me (2015)

  • The Longest Ride
    2015; USA
    Director: George Tillman Jr.
  • The Best of Me
    2014; USA
    Director: Michael Hoffman
Safe Haven (2010)

  • Safe Haven
    2013; USA
    Director: Lasse Hallström
The Last Song (2009)

  • The Last Song
    2010; USA
    Director: Julie Anne Robinson
The Lucky One (2008)

  • The Lucky One
    2012; USA
    Director: Scott Hicks
The Choice (2007)

  • The Choice
    2016; USA
    Director: Ross Katz
Dear John (2006)

  • Dear John
    2010; USA
    Director: Lasse Hallström
True Believer (2005)

The Guardian (2003)

The Wedding (2003)

  • Nights in Rodanthe
    2008; Australia, USA
    Director: George C. Wolfe
The Rescue (2000)

  • A Walk to Remember
    2002; USA
    Director: Adam Shankman
  • Message in a Bottle
    1999; USA
    Director: Luis Mandoki
The Notebook (1996)

  • The Notebook
    2004; USA
    Director: Nick Cassavetes

Other interesting stuff
Nicholas Sparks' novels are very similar in style and story they tell. So experts have branded familiar plot elements and characters of his stories as "Sparks-isms". However, despite of trite intrigue and predictable outcome, his books and film adaptations are extremely successful.

Some stats: Eleven of Nicholas Sparks books (58% out of total 19) have been adapted to 11 movies

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