Isaac Asimov Books and Movies

Isaac Asimov (January 2, 1920 – April 6, 1992) was highly prolific American science fiction author. Together with Arthur C. Clarke and Robert A. Heinlein he is one of the three grand masters of science fiction. For five decades Isaac Asimov published over 500 books on a wide range of subjects including mystery, poetry, science, humor, literary criticism, mythology, and guides to the Bible.

"I, Robot" collection was the first Asimov's literary work made into movie. The short story from this collection was adapted to the first episode of British anthology TV series under the title "Little Lost Robot" in 1962.

The impression is that the late Asimov doesn't attract the film industry. His latest work with the film adaptation is "Bicentennial Man" written in 1976. While Asimov was an immensely prolific writer, only 2% of his stories have a film version, probably because most are simply unfilmable.

Here is a chronological list of Isaac Asimov's books along with movies based on his works.

Many Asimov's book lovers are concerned about what order should the series be read in. Most experts recommend to follow chronological order to avoid spoiling revelations. So you can choose to list books by series, where stories within the series are sorted by date.

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The Ugly Little Boy (1992)
Co-author(s): Robert Silverberg
  • The Ugly Little Boy
    TV Movie; 1977; Canada
    Director: Barry Morse, Don Thompson
  • Bicentennial Man
    1999; Germany, USA
    Director: Chris Columbus
Nightfall and Other Stories (1969)
Co-author(s): Robert Silverberg
  • Nightfall
    Video; 2000; USA
    Director: Gwyneth Gibby
  • Nightfall
    1988; USA
    Director: Paul Mayersberg
  • Out of the Unknown
    Satisfaction Guaranteed (#2.12)
    TV Series; 1965; UK
    Director: John Gorrie
  • Formul-e Marg
    TV Movie; 2012; Iran
    Director: Behdad Avand Amini
The Naked Sun (1957)

  • Out of the Unknown
    The Naked Sun (#3.7)
    TV Series; 1965; UK
    Director: Rudolph Cartier
  • Out of the Unknown
    The Dead Past (#1.4)
    TV Series; 1965; UK
    Director: John Gorrie
  • Out of the Unknown
    Sucker Bait (#1.7)
    TV Series; 1965; UK
    Director: Naomi Capon
  • Konets vechnosti
    1987; Soviet Union
    Director: Andrei Yermash
  • A halhatatlansag halala
    TV Movie; 1976; Hungary
    Director: András Rajnai
  • Story Parade
    The Caves of Steel
    1964; UK
    Director: Peter Sasdy
I, Robot (1950)

Four movies and one episode of one TV series are based on this book.

  • I, Robot
    2004; Germany, USA
    Director: Alex Proyas
  • Robots
    Video; 1988; Canada, USA
    Director: Doug Smith, Kim Takal
  • El robot embustero
    1966; Spain
    Director: Antonio de Lara
  • Out of the Unknown
    The Prophet (#2.13)
    TV Series; 1965; UK
    Director: Naomi Capon
  • Out of This World
    Little Lost Robot (#1.3)
    1962; UK
    Director: Guy Verney

Other interesting stuff
Asimov created children's science fiction series about Norby robot in co-authorship with his wife Janet, who is a psychiatrist. Janet started writing for young sci-fi readers a few years before her marriage. More accurate would be to say that Janet worked as an author, and Isaac as co-author and editor during creation of Norby Series.

Some stats: Eleven of Isaac Asimov books (2% out of total 536) have been adapted to 5 movies, 3 TV movies, 2 videos, 8 episodes from 1 TV series

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