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Welcome to PickGoodBook.com -- a website dedicated to books and movies. PickGoodBook.com is privately owned and self financed website.

We, and "we" is a small two-men team, like reading good books and watching good movies in our free time. And so the idea behind the website was the following. What if we make the list of all the works of our favorite book authors and then see which of the books where made into movies, feature films, or TV-shows.

In the summer of 2012 we started collecting and processing the data, planning and coding the website architecture and so on. It took quite some time, but finally in the August of 2014 we went live.

PickGoodBook Unique Features

We are making comprehensive bibliographies of each writer we cover. We try to make them easy to grasp. Works are listed in chronological order, and we show:

  • original book title (in the language the book was published)
  • alternative book titles
  • book series
  • author's pen-name under which the book was originally published
  • co-authors
  • all the screen versions of each book that has them
  • quite thorough book publication history including print, audio, and digital formats (in English only, for now) with filter options

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Don't hesitate to send your messages if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. Our contact information is here.

Currently our database contains 25675 book records by 19 authors, who published 2639 titles combined, 406 of which where adapted into 2268 films and movies
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